The Niagara Falls Public Library is fantastic

Hey flock, short post today. I just wanted to point out a nice little exhibit at the Niagara Falls Public Library.  It’s a glimpse into their Dunlap collection, which haves some awesome stuff from the turn of the century. Seriously it’s really cool so go check it out if you’re in the neighborhood. 

My Trip to the Strong Museum was AWESOME!

This post is a bit of an oddball: it has nothing to do with Niagara Falls! *GASP* In all seriousness, if you haven’t been to the Strong National Museum of Play in Rochester, then you’re probably boring. The Strong is an awesome kids museum in Rochester. I remember going there when I was a kid….

7 Wax Figures that are every Millennial ever

The Niagara Falls Wax Museum of History totally nailed our generation. 7. When your parents won’t stop nagging you The glazed expression, the slight eye twitch, the white haired bespectacled man hovering grudgingly behind: yep, she’s definitely one of ours! 6. When your friend has to help you back from the club Because you just…